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The Telelift Automatic Waste and Laundry Transfer System combined with intelligent inlets both waste and linen, using seal type vertical and horizontal pipelines to transfer the daily waste and linen directly from each floor to basement by vaccum and gravity, which will create an integrated and complete waste and linen transfer solution. The central control system provides real time monitoring and data collection services. UniDrop effectively resolves the transfering problem of waste and linen in China hospitals, decreases infection risk, saves labor, effects hospital logistical management,higher the lever of hygiene, better the clinical environment. The first UniDrop automatic waste and linen transfer systme has been serving the hospital more than 30 years since 1986.

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    1. Fully-sealing pipeline transfer, avoids nosocomial cross infection
    2. Pipeline system design, reduces the number of elevators needed and floor space
    3. Motorized riser cleaning and disinfection system equipped, prevents bacterial growth and higher the level of hygiene
    4. Ventilation system equipped, avoids the bad odors into the room
    5. The vacuum producted by powerful and energy-saving blowers, the speed of transfer is about 80-100km/h
    6. Intelligent central control system, runs and operates 24/7
    7. Real-time remote monitoring the status of the system operation
    8. The compactor effectively reduces waste volume and vehicle use
    9. High standard disposal towards exhaust and noise emission, environmental friendly
    10. 30 years designed service life
    11. High expansibility and scalability to meet the requirment of stage construction

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